Sunday, 16 August 2015


Since I have a lot of favourite fashion brands that I love and follow its always hard to choose one to blog about. I get constant emails and newsletters on new fashion and trends that are appearing on the catwalk as I like to be up to date with the latest.

I turned of my laptop and automatically went straight on my phone, as we do.
Clicked on Pintrest and on my 'P' page was a stunning piece of clothing that I had to add to my ''MODELS || FASHION'' albums.
I then saw some more similar designs on the related pins page and thought waw this designer is amazing let me find out who's work this is, scrolled down... saw the name thought ''oh some French guy''
Opened up my laptop and google-searched Alon Livne and this is what I saw:

Alon Livne: אלון ליבנה
Alon Livne, Israel's foremost young fashion designer, has been in the fashion business since he turned 17. Alon Livne worked for the Italian mega-designer ...

It shocked me that he was from Israel as I was not expecting it at all!
I was so impressed with the clothing and automatically to me they looked like something you would see in a magazine beside Balmain or ... Versace!
Been an Israeli-born girl myself this made me so proud and instantly I knew this is the fashion designer I've been looking to adore the past couple of week and blog about.
There isn't much point in me telling you all his BIO etc.  as its all on his webpage and all I'd be doing is copy and pasting. But what I will for sure mention is that the Israeli designer has trained in Alexander McQueen in London and The amazing Roberto Cavalli and famous names like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga have worn his designs on stage and for appearances!
 Below is his work - let me know what you think in the comments below!

S/S 2015 Collection.

More work from previous collections.


 see more of his work on
Wedding collections.


See more wedding dresses at
 This was a lovely discovery for me as I adore his clothing, I truly am a huge fan of his work and can see the amount of passion he has for what he does through the clothing.
Its also very nice to discover this Israeli designer a day before I jet of to Israel... by accident!

Thank you for reading.

- Love, Diana xx

Saturday, 18 July 2015


My lovely, little, angel wants to be a model when she grows up!
She adores taking selfies & getting her photograph taken.
Fashion is an everyday thing for her as she doesn't leave the house until she looks
'' proper cool '' as she says.

A little About Alicia's Appearance:
Alicia, is 8 years old and has gigantic, round, blue eyes!
Her completion is medium with yellow undertones - her hair is brown with natural blonde highlights.
 She has amazing, big, curly hair that has been cut into a stylish shoulder- length style!
Ali has been blessed with gorgeous ''bushy'' eyebrows that most girls aspire to get these days using cosmetics - she also has long, black eyelashes both on top of her eye and on her lower lash line (LUCKY GIRL!!!!)

Outfit: All White, Summer Festival inspired look.

Beautiful figure, great posture and long legs!
Perfect for a model.

Outfit: Turquoise Blue - Back Detail Dress

Outfit: Pink Lady Ready For Shopping.


Outfit:  Backpack and Patterns.

Outfit: Street Style.

Outfit: Midweek Chills


Friday, 19 December 2014


Okay so shirts.
there are thousands of types but today i'm talking about the ones
that have buttons all the way up and usually have a collar.
The inspiration behind the title
 of this post comes
from the fact that shirts are
the first thing I grab from the wardrobe whenever I'm late!
Simply because they are so easy to style and so easy to pull off.
shirts come in many different
styles, shapes, sizes, colours and pATte.r,n(s)
shirts can be worn in soooooooo many ways different ways for example
with -jeans
with -leggings
with -tights
with -a big jacket
with - a small jacket
with -heals
with -flats
with - a skirt
and the list gooooooes on!
So here are some of my favourite shirts that I want to s
hare with you guys today!
1) YSL - Paris Collar Shirt in Fuchsia Silk Crepe.
2)  Short white blouse from - H&M - for £14.99.
3) Balmain - Printed silk georgette shirt
4)Balmain - Silk blouse with golden buttons
5)River Island - Black sheer panel long line shirt
6)river island - light wash boxy denim shirt £30.00
7) river Island Navy check oversized shirt £28.00